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Issue Position: Our District

Issue Position

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I am running for the Mississippi Senate district 20 for several reasons. Most importantly is the desire to fill the vacant seat with a solid dependable conservative voice for the citizens of Madison and Rankin counties. I want the voters to know that my conservative philosophy will be the guiding factor as to how I will represent this district.

I will work hard to find ways to CUT SPENDING in order to balance the budget. I think we are taxed enough as it is, and especially in this economy we find ourselves in today. My position is that the last thing we need to consider is an increase in taxes. The families of our state have to live within their means and there is no reason why the state should operate any differently.

In the area of economic development, I will support BUSINESS FRIENDLY LEADERSHIP by providing the least amount of regulation with the greatest amount of freedom for our business leaders and entrepreneurs to stimulate growth and provide better job opportunities for all of us. That means providing the credits and incentives necessary to win the new business and industry locations we need for our community.

I am a product of the public education system in Rankin County, and I believe we need to continue to provide our children with the best educational opportunities and environments, within our means, so that we have an educated world-class work force able to compete in what is now a global economy.

It is essential that we provide better transportation arteries for Rankin and Madison counties to accommodate the rapid growth we have experienced. We need safe streets for our citizens to travel and for our businesses to deliver their goods and services to market.

I support pro-life issues. I support our citizens' second amendment right to bear arms. I believe in the least amount of government regulation and intrusion into our lives and the greatest amount of liberty and freedom for all of us.

I am asking for your prayers, your support and your vote in the Republican Primary on August 2nd.

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