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GOP Freshmen Hour

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. KINZINGER of Illinois. I thank the gentleman from Colorado.

You know what's amazing about those forgotten 15? You know how much they cost? Nothing. I mean, isn't that great? When you think about it, we're talking about something out of Washington, D.C. that doesn't cost anything and is actually going to do something. I mean, how often does that happen? Well, if you look, a couple of years prior--or actually I guess a year ago 4 years prior--everything that came out of here cost a lot of money.

The President's own stimulus bill, as was mentioned earlier, when they said unemployment will never go above 8 percent if we pass this, in fact it has never gone below 8 percent since it was passed; and that cost almost $1 trillion added onto our debt. And I actually remember once I was doing an interview and there was a fellow Congresswoman from the other side, there was a Democrat that said, well, you know, the problem with the first stimulus is it wasn't large enough. That's why it didn't work, it wasn't large enough. Okay. I disagreed, but for a moment of time let's say that's accurate; let's say it wasn't large enough. So why would you do a stimulus that's half as large as the original one?

Truthfully, to be honest with you guys, I think that the President has no intention of his jobs plan, his Stimulus II passing the House of Representatives. In fact, I think if we actually voted on it and passed it tomorrow, there would be some panic in the administration because they know that it's not going to be a

job-creation plan; they know it's just a political thing to talk about.

This is a real job-creation plan right here, the bills that we have over in the Senate. And it's time that today we just--I mean, look, Senator Reid, take up the bills, vote them down if you want to vote them down, but give the American people a voice. They can't have a voice when they sit on your desk. You don't have a voice when they sit on your desk. We don't need another $450 billion added onto our debt. What we need is to pass these bills and this plan.

I thank the gentleman for yielding.


Mr. KINZINGER of Illinois. What's amazing to me is we've conditioned--I mean Republicans and Democrats, not ``we.'' We've only been here less than a year. But the American people have been so conditioned to believe that if there is any difficulty, the answer is a giant government expenditure package, a giant bill with a lot of money spent. We've been conditioned to believe that.

So if the economy is bad, it obviously is because the government is not spending enough. Well, that's not true.

The reality is we built this country--and this is what I hear from people--we built this country based on people just having an idea and going out and getting it done. That's what we're talking about, that idea.


Mr. KINZINGER of Illinois. Yes.

How many times is Washington going to be dishonest with us and just say, I know it didn't work in the past, but it's going to work this time? The President himself said the shovel-ready jobs--chuckle, chuckle--weren't so shovel-ready after all.

That's fine--because it doesn't work.

This plan right here, this will work. The American people are our jobs recovery plan. The American people doing what they can do best, that's the recovery plan. It's not another $500 billion.


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