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Issue Position: Drug Testing for Welfare

Issue Position

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Just this year in Florida common sense legislation was passed which made it mandatory that anyone receiving welfare or temporary aid for needy families must first receive a drug test.

Sometimes in order to break the cycle of poverty you must first break the cycle of addiction.

As a criminal prosecutor I see multiple generations of families with problems of crime, addiction and poverty, and sometimes it's important to ask which of these causes what?

Dependent upon the study you look at you can find anywhere between 5% and 35% of welfare recipients with illicit drug habits, not just marijuana and alcohol but even worse, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, and heroin -- so obviously in these cases to break the cycle of crime and poverty you must first break the cycle of addiction.

As taxpayers we have two expectations: the first is that anyone that takes advantage of the system of welfare to help themselves and their family, does so only as long as it takes to get back on their feet.

The second is that are tax dollars not be used to subsidize a persons illicit drug habit.

Where a person is found to have a problem take them off of welfare and get them into a treatment program. A program where they can treat their addiction like Narc-Anon, Alc-Anon, Private Sector programs, Churches, and Communities.

Why aren't we doing this in Virginia.

This is the kind of common sense leadership I'll bring to the Virginia Senate.

If you, like Senator Mark Obenshain, Jill Vogel, Delegate Bill Janiss and Rob Bell agree with us on this issue then stand with us today!

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