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Blog: The Forgotten 15: The 15 House-Passed Jobs Bills Stuck in the Senate


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Earlier this week the President said that "we can't wait" to take action for jobs and I couldn't agree more. That is why since day one the House has been focused on passing legislation that creates a positive environment for economic growth and job creation. This year the House has passed over 15 jobs bills that are unfortunately sitting in the Senate.

After this week, there will be 16 bills awaiting action in the Senate. On Thursday, the House will move forward to repeal the 3% Withholding Tax, another step forward for job creators. Currently, businesses that work with the government would be forced to pay a 3% withholding tax on their services, allowing the business to only be paid 97% of their invoice just in case the government determines the businesses owed the government taxes. Pre-taxing businesses 3% to prevent them from under-paying is like paying only 97% of a home repair bill "in case" your repair man is over-charging. This isn't fair to businesses- the federal government should have to pay its bills in full just like Americans do. Extra taxes like these will only lead to higher prices, lower wages and lost jobs. Repealing this tax will let job creators keep more of their money to create jobs.

This bipartisan bill is both a piece of President Barack Obama's $447 billion jobs bill and part of Republican's Plan for America's Job Creators. It's time for the Senate to join us in getting the American people back to work.

Jobs have remained the number one priority in the House. Week after week we pass jobs bills, but we cannot ensure that these measures are enacted into law unless the Senate acts. I hope that the U.S. Senate will take swift action and pass the Forgotten 15.

The Facts:

* 900+ days since the Senate has passed a budget. The House passed a budget in April 2011
* 15 bills sitting in the Senate that will bring jobs to the American people
* New Gallup Poll shows small-business owners in the United States are most likely to say complying with government regulations is the most important problem facing them today. The House-passed jobs bill sitting in the Senate address these overbearing government mandates holding back American businesses form creating new jobs.

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