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Hearing of the Research and Science Education Subcommittee of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee - STEM in Action


Location: Washington, DC

Good morning, and welcome to each of our witnesses. In today's hearing we will discuss how career professionals in science, technology, engineering and math are taking their knowledge, skills and talents to the classroom, as both teachers and mentors, to help inspire and educate our next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

This hearing is the fourth in a series of STEM in Action hearings that the Science Space and Technology Committee has held during the 112th Congress, and the first for the Research & Science Education Subcommittee.

There are a variety of existing programs, both public and private, that focus on encouraging and preparing K-12 students for STEM degrees and careers and helping new and experienced teachers better teach STEM subjects.

Today's hearing focuses on public and private endeavors that help STEM career professionals, who have no traditional training or teaching in their backgrounds, transition their industry experience, knowledge and skills to the classroom. The transition for these STEM career professionals often entails a complete career switch or mentoring students and/or teachers. The ability to educate and inspire is a quality that all teachers should possess. Individuals who have spent time in a STEM profession bring a unique perspective to the classroom and can make a great contribution to our STEM education efforts. At the same time, industry experience, knowledge, and skills alone do not necessarily make a good teacher. Good teaching requires an
additional and special set of knowledge and skills.

I look forward to hearing from our witnesses today about issues and challenges relating to the transition from successful STEM career professional to successful STEM teacher and about how STEM career professionals help teach and inspire our Nation's children, the backbone and future or our economic and competitive success.

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