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Issue Position: Practical Solutions for Peninsula Families

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Improving Transportation: We need to ensure that the Peninsula receives its fair share of
transportation dollars. Those resources are vital if we are going to repair and build new roads,
repair our bridges and solve our traffic problems.

Improving Education: Brenda Pogge will work to see that 65% of education funding is
spent in the classrooms to pay for books, computers and teachers salaries.

Lowering Taxes: Brenda Pogge firmly believes that tax increases are rarely the only solution
and are usually part of the problem. As Delegate, she will work to see that government spending
is brought under control rather than raising taxes. Brenda Pogge opposes unelected taxing
authorities, which she believes deny the citizens their constitutional right to representative

Fighting Illegal Immigration: Virginia has an illegal immigration problem. Brenda Pogge
knows we need to enable our local and state law enforcement officers to deal with this growing
crime. She will fight to keep the crime that surrounds illegal immigration from impacting our
streets and neighborhoods.

Reducing Wasteful Spending: Government spending has more than doubled over the last
10 years and last year increased by 5%. We are now headed toward a $641 million budget
shortfall. The answer is to eliminate wasteful spending . not to raise taxes.

Defending Our Values: Brenda will be a reliable vote for traditional values and pro-family
legislation. She helped lead the effort to pass the Marriage Amendment which defined marriage
as being between one man and one woman.

Fighting Crime: Brenda Pogge understands the needs of our men and women on the front
lines of law enforcement and public safety. She will work closely with local Sheriffs,
Commonwealth Attorneys and Police Departments to see that they have the resources that they
need to do their job.

Defending Property Rights: Brenda Pogge is committed to defending individual property
rights. As Delegate, she will oppose local governments from seizing land and giving it to
private sector interests to increase tax revenues.

Supporting Our Military: As a daughter of a World War II Naval veteran, a sister of an
Army soldier who gave his life in Vietnam and the mother of a son in the Air Force, Brenda
Pogge applauds our service members for their bravery and believes that our nation should
support them in every endeavor, especially upon their return home.

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