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Blog: Fighting the Job-Killing Agenda


Location: Washington, DC

The Senate's failure to take action on the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act (HR 872) shows once again the current Administration's job-killing agenda is out in full force. Overregulation seems to be their goal - this is not what the American people want, and this is not what our economy needs.

A recent Gallup poll shows 41 percent of small business owners said that government was somehow related to the biggest problem facing their companies. As part of the same poll, more small-business owners, 22 percent, view the costs of complying with government regulations as a bigger problem than any other issue.

The House has now passed 17 jobs bills this year which are awaiting action by the Senate -- that is simply unacceptable. From my Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act, to the repeal of the 3 percent withholding tax we passed last week, the House continues working to create the right environment for job creation and fighting the job-killing agenda of the President and Senate. We can't wait any longer.

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