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The Shuster Standard


Location: Washington, DC

Welcome to the October edition of the Shuster Standard. Last Thursday the House overwhelmingly passed legislation to abolish the collection of a three percent withholding tax on federal contractors when paying contracting firms for goods and services. This tax created administrative costs and squeezed small businesses, making it harder for those businesses to operate, create jobs and grow in a slow economy. The legislation was bipartisan and was a part of President Obama's own jobs plan. Its passage will help our ailing economy and help keep more money in the hands of the private sector instead of the federal government.

While Thursday's vote was an important step forward on jobs and heralded in the press as a bipartisan achievement, one important point was not reported: This was the 15th jobs related bill passed by the House of Representatives this year. It will now move to the Senate where it will join its 14 counterparts still languishing there, waiting to be considered.

Earlier this year, the House under the leadership of Speaker Boehner launched the House Republican Plan for Job Creation. The plan is focused on reducing needless and costly government regulation, reforming our tax code, expanding American energy production and creating American jobs. These 15 bills are ready to be passed through Congress and sent to the President for enactment. Only the Senate stands in the way.

I invite you to review the bills passed by the House online where you can track each bill's progress and even print your own card summarizing the legislation. President Obama has recently started to say that "we can't wait" to take action on jobs. I agree with the President, as does Speaker Boehner and members from both sides of the aisle. The House has acted. It is time for the Senate to act as well.

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