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Shuster Statement on Muammar Gaddafi


Location: Washington, DC

"Muammar Gaddafi's death closes a long chapter of strife and oppression for the Libyan people and opens the door for a new beginning. Today's events should bring a close to NATO's mission and an end to US military involvement in Libya. I would encourage President Obama to announce the immediate withdrawal of troops and equipment from the region.

It is critical that we not lose sight of the fact that Islamic extremism remains a clear and significant threat to our national interest and the security of our allies, most notably Israel. The United States must be prepared to assist the Libyan people in their transition to democracy and work with our allies to prevent the emergence of a hardline Islamist government in North Africa. In addition, we must work to prevent Libya's large weapons stock from falling into the hands of terrorists who would turn those weapons against us, our allies and possibly even the Libyan people."

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