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Rep. Bonner Questions Ken Feinberg's Performance at Congressional Hearing

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Congressman Jo Bonner questioned GCCF administrator Ken Feinberg during a hearing of the House Natural Resources Committee Thursday on the performance of the BP oil spill claims process.

Calling the BP claims process "flawed," Congressman Bonner said that administrator Ken Feinberg has broken many promises to people who live along the Gulf Coast.

"It is not a perfect system, if anything it is a very flawed system and so many promises have been made by Mr. Feinberg himself to people who live along the Gulf Coast, not just in Alabama, but in Louisiana and Mississippi and Texas -- so many broken promises unfortunately."

Congressman Bonner also questioned the performance of the GCCF, pointing to "a great inconsistency" in the payments process.

"The burden you have placed on many of these individuals and businesses for additional requests for information, even when they have submitted their claims with certified accountants who have shown the documentation ... there has been a great inconsistency in the payment process and in fact that more people have not been paid than have been paid?," Bonner asked Feinberg.

Congressman Bonner further noted that an independent audit of the GCCF's claims process has yet to be undertaken, although the Justice Department is moving forward expeditiously to identify an auditor and inform the scope of that effort. Congressman Bonner continues to pressure all involved to complete the audit by year's end.

During the hearing, Congressman Bonner also called on Alabama residents who have not had an opportunity to question Mr. Feinberg about the claims process to submit their questions by November 3, 2011 to his congressional office through a special temporary email address: e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

"Include your name, address, contact information, and question. Once received, my office will coordinate the transmittal of those questions directly to Mr. Feinberg, through the Natural Resources Committee. In an effort to avoid duplicative or off-topic questions, my office will review, summarize and reformat questions for submittal and will share Mr. Feinberg's answers once received.

"Your participation in this effort is voluntary and no personal identifying information will be forwarded to Mr. Feinberg or the GCCF. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from my constituents on a broad range of GCCF-related topics."

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