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Leader Cantor: Repealing The 3 Percent Withholding Measure Is About Jobs


Location: Washington, DC

"The President has been traveling around the country saying that "we can't wait.' We believe that as well and we're not waiting. We are saying these are the items that we feel we can work together on with this President, and unify the country towards helping the economy grow again. That's what today's passage of this bill was about on the 3 percent withholding measure. It's about jobs.

"I know at home, in my Richmond-area district, some of my counties are telling me that this withholding measure, if it were to go into effect, over the last two years it would have cost at least $15 million. Again, this would be money taken out of the private sector, out of the hands of small business men and women, and putting it into the coffers of the federal government. That's exactly what we don't need right now. I also heard from the Virginia Commonwealth University health system, which said that this withholding requirement would end up costing it as well as its patients and benefactors more money.

"We are not and should not be in the business of making it more difficult for the public entities, nor the private sector businesses to operate. We're asking the President to join us, asking him to help convince the Senate to bring up some of these measures that we've sent over there, and asking him to join us in unifying the country, rather than focusing on the divides. There is a lot that we can work on together here for the benefit of the American people."

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