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Issue Position: Second Amendment and Crime

Issue Position


I believe that the right to keep and bear arms is one of the most important rights that we have, and I will fight to protect that right for all of Virginia's law-abiding citizens. Part of my commitment to protecting the 2nd Amendment includes my support for carrying concealed weapon legislation that allows law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and those around them. I also believe that such concealed weapon rights should be reciprocated among states in the same way that they recognize one another's drivers licenses.

Hand-in-hand with my commitment to protecting your 2nd Amendment rights is my firm resolve to severely penalize those who use guns in crime. Virginia's project Exile has cracked down on illegal gun use, contributing to a significant drop in Virginia's violent crime rate. Combined with the abolition of parole, such common-sense law enforcement will continue to make Virginia a safer place to live. I will fight any effort to weaken project Exile or abolish parole.

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