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Congressman Rivera Welcomed the Certificate Recipients to the Ceremony


Location: Washington, DC

"This is Hispanic Heritage Month as we all know, an important month for all Hispanic-Americans. I can tell you, day after day, here in the Congress, so many issues come up that are of great importance to Hispanic-Americans. Perhaps, more than most communities, Hispanic-Americans appreciate what America is all about and understand how important it is to give back to this country because of the great privileges, benefits, freedoms and opportunities that it provides for the generations that come here, for the generations that are born here and on and on.

"Hispanic-Americans make great contributions to this country every day, including serving in the military, showing love of country, love of our families, love of God and love of community. Hispanic-Americans know how important it is to give back to that community, which is why it is important to recognize those efforts.

"The ones that are making the day to day contributions to make this country great are all of you. While Hispanic-Americans are well-represented in public service what you all do for our community is so important to our districts, to our state and to our nation because you all make great contributions to the fabric, that diverse wonderful fabric that is America.

"The certificate that you are getting today are an acknowledgement of the great contributions you all have made to the community and in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month for the outstanding and invaluable service that you all have given as successful Hispanic leaders in South Florida. It is also important because it serves to motivate others, to motivate our community to follow in your footsteps to be successful business persons, to see you as role models and leaders; as people who are involved in every sector of our community."

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