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District Activities: Monitoring the Progress of the Tamiami Trail Bridge Project


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Rivera joined U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe on Thursday for a visit to the Tamiami Trail Bridge Project in Miami-Dade County to learn about the progress being made on the bridge, which is scheduled for completion in December of 2013. The bridge will help restore fresh water flow to Everglades National Park and the South Florida Ecosystem.

"I want to commend Secretary Salazar for his leadership on this project. I don't think that there are many projects that you can imagine for our community, for our state and for our nation, that are as important as restoring the water flow in the Everglades," Congressman Rivera said. "We all know what an ecological jewel the Everglades is for our nation, so it is very very important from this point going forward to continue having that leadership, continue having the interagency cooperation that we've seen throughout the years of this project and the cooperation between the Executive Branch and Congress and maintaining the support in Congress for this project. Certainly that commitment has been there from our Congressional delegation in the past and no doubt it will be there in the future as well. The important thing now is to maintain that vigilance, maintain the cooperation and maintain the great efforts and the leadership that we've seen from Secretary Salazar."

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