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Rooney Unveils New Jobs Plan


Location: Stuart, FL

While hosting a panel of Florida job creators today, U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney (FL-16) unveiled the "Restore America Act," new legislation he will introduce to help the private sector create jobs.

"My jobs plan is based on the fundamental idea that Washington doesn't create jobs -- businesses and innovators do," Rooney said. "We can't ask you to lead us into economic recovery while we're repeatedly weighing you down with unnecessary mandates, a broken tax code, high energy costs, and uncertainty about what's coming next.

"Congress needs to give job creators some security and create an environment where people can afford to do business here in America, where smart people with good ideas can follow their dreams and open their own small businesses, and where businesses large and small can grow and hire American workers.

"My bill has three key steps: reform the tax code, get rid of unnecessary regulations, and expand domestic energy production.

"We need to reform the tax code to make it fair, simple and competitive. My plan gets rid of corporate loopholes and deductions, and replaces them with across-the-board, permanent tax relief. A fairer tax code will help business grow and compete on a level playing, and permanent tax relief will give them the certainty they need to invest in their companies and create new jobs.

"By ending unnecessary, costly regulations that are destroying jobs, we can remove a critical obstacle facing small business owners. Businesses spend $1.75 trillion dollars and nearly 9 billion hours each year trying to comply with new regulations coming out of the federal government -- those are resources that they should be using to grow and hire new workers. My plan stops the Administration from piling new, job-destroying mandates on our job creators.

"Expanding American energy production would create jobs right away while reducing prices for families and businesses. We have tremendous energy resources in our country, and if we utilize them, we'll see new jobs immediately in the energy sector. Producing American energy would drive down energy costs, helping both families and small businesses make ends meet."

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