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Condemning the Iranian Plot to Carry Out Bomb Attacks in Washington, DC

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. CROWLEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to condemn the Iranian plot to carry out bomb attacks in our Nation's Capital and to praise our law enforcement officials who have once again stepped in to thwart terror and preserve our safety.

* Two days ago, law enforcement officials revealed Iranian participation in a plan to assassinate a foreign ambassador on U.S. soil by blowing up a busy D.C. restaurant. They also cited plans to attack Israeli embassies in Washington, DC and Argentina. Without the efforts of our law enforcement agencies, these attacks could have killed possibly hundreds of innocent bystanders right here in our Nation's Capital and elsewhere.

* This plot goes beyond a handful of individuals; it once again displays the Iranian regime's cruel disregard for innocent human life.

* Iran continues to sow violence and instability in the Middle East, to traffic weapons, to pursue the acquisition of nuclear capabilities and to brutally suppress its own people. This is the country whose leader threatened to ``wipe Israel off the map.'' This latest attempt to murder diplomats and citizens in D.C. and abroad is proof positive that Iran remains a serious danger.

* Last year, I helped lead the effort to pass sanctions on the Iranian regime--to end its ability to finance repression and terrorism. This attempted attack on our homeland demonstrates the world must do more. China and Russia, in particular, can do a lot more--for too long they have avoided applying tough pressure on the Iranian regime. But we too can do more. Iran remains a threat to U.S. national security and to global peace and stability, and it is time to increase U.S. and multilateral pressure even further.

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