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The American People Cannot Wait for Washington Democrats to Act

Press Conference

Location: Washington, DC

"There's a recurring theme here and the theme has been week after week, where job creation bills have been passed in the House. The Speaker has held up his card; it says "American Job Creators." This card is two-sided, the second side shows the number of bills that have passed the House and are sitting in the Senate. We heard the President say yesterday that he 'could not wait.' This country cannot wait for him to get off the campaign trail. This country cannot wait until Harry Reid could actually bring one of these House jobs bills up for a vote.

"This week will be no different in the House than the other weeks. There will be the three percent withholding bill -- that is not the government's money, that is businesses' money. Let them put it to work, the best use of work. There will also be a bill dealing with Arizona to allow job creation from the mineral section. Congressman Gosar is sponsoring the bill. Again, two more bills coming from the House. We hope that the Senate can take them up."

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