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Harry Reid's Senate Rejects Barack Obama's Jobs Bill


Location: Washington, DC

"It has become crystal clear that the White House believes that proposing another expensive "stimulus' spending bill and slapping the word "jobs' into the title and campaigning for the measure across the country is a good political strategy. However, it is bad economic policy for America and the U.S. Senate acknowledged that fact by rejecting the President's jobs bill on Tuesday.

"Now that the Senate has dealt with the President's "all-or-nothing' demands on his jobs bill, it is time for him to focus on finding areas of common ground to boost the economy and create private sector jobs. As I have said for weeks, Congress and the President should not let our differences keep us from focusing on areas of agreement to provide real results for the 14 million Americans who are unemployed or the millions struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck.

"Of course, there are potential solutions on the table that address the uncertainty in our economy, the back-breaking regulations facing small and large businesses, as well as larger proposals for tax reform and debt reduction. More can and should be done to help create a positive environment for job creation and it can be bipartisan.

"Finally, on Wednesday the House took another step toward final passage of the trade measures with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. These agreements will help U.S. companies and workers by immediately expanding markets for our small businesses and manufacturers, and help create as many as 250,000 new jobs so that people can get back to work."

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