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Find "Common Ground" to Create Private Sector Jobs


Location: Washington, DC

"The President conducted another campaign-style bus tour this week, telling people in North Carolina and Virginia that he's dropping his "all-or-nothing' strategy and will, instead, break up his jobs bill into smaller pieces.

"The problem with this approach is that he and his Congressional allies continue to insist that the Senate consider first those "pieces' that they know will not pass and that are the least defensible.

"If the President is indeed serious about creating jobs and spurring economic growth, he's off the mark. The President's jobs campaign has not gained traction with his own party. Leader Reid is bringing up a small section of the President's bill that would spend another $35 billion in borrowed funds to rehire public employees. However, he lacks the support of Senate Democrats who are facing "stimulus fatigue.'

"We need remind the President that the House has already passed pieces of the President's plan that will clear the way for job creation and economic growth, including regulatory relief for manufacturers and a bill to help veterans get back to work.

"Common ground exists. Instead of holding campaign rallies around the country, the President should recognize that the way to get the economy going and produce results is to take up with policies that have bipartisan support -- and he can start with 15 bipartisan jobs bills that have cleared the House and are stalled in the Senate.

"And one final observation: I have to say that the suggestion made this week by the Vice-President that failure to pass the President's entire jobs bill would lead to lawlessness and extreme violence is highly irresponsible.

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