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Issue Position: Cut, Balance, and Grow

Issue Position

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America has a choice between President Obama's failed economic agenda that has increased debt while destroying jobs, or a simple plan to fix the broken tax and regulatory code, repeal job-killing legislation, balance the budget, and grow the economy.

I have a clear vision for America, one in which America returns to its rightful place as the most free and prosperous nation in history and stands tall before the world instead of bowing to foreign leaders.

By 2020, America must have a tax code that is simple and fair; a federal budget that balances without raising taxes; retirement and health care programs that are sustainable and secure; a common-sense regulatory system that does not create undue burdens on job creators; and a growing economy that allows the best and brightest to create and innovate free from government intimidation.

The current economic problems faced by so many Americans were created by years of wasteful mismanagement and incompetent central-planning and cannot be fixed overnight. To be sure, there are a number of things that can be done by the president on day 1 to begin the process of restoring the American economy. But the reforms necessary to fix the broken tax and regulatory code, balance the budget, and grow the economy for the long-term will take some time and patience. Their implementation requires a clear plan, consistent leadership, and sustained resolve.

To increase economic growth, we must simplify the tax code so families and businesses are no longer wasting billions of hours and dollars each year just trying to comply with the mess that is the current tax code. To increase economic growth, we must make America the best place in the world to start and grow a business by eliminating special-interest tax breaks and bringing our corporate tax rate more in line with our global trading partners. To increase economic growth, we must free up hundreds of millions of dollars of capital currently held hostage to an unnecessary and burdensome dividends and capital gains tax. To increase economic growth, we must unshackle American small businesses from an oppressive regulatory regime that knows more about intimidation than job creation. To increase economic growth, we must finally enact a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and put an end to overspending once and for all. The American economy simply cannot grow under the weight of a crushing amount of debt.

A strong America requires a strong economy, a strong balance sheet, and a strong dollar.

America's best days have not yet been lived. By returning to its foundation of limited government, individual liberty, and economic freedom, America can re-establish itself as the best place in the world to grow a business and raise a family. With proven conservative leadership and an unwavering commitment to make Washington as inconsequential in the daily lives of American families and small businesses as possible, we can get America working again.

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