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American Jobs Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BACA. Mr. Speaker, the ``party of no'' is at it again. Republicans have been in the majority for 273 days, and they still have no plans to create new jobs. Now the Republicans are saying ``no'' to the American Job Act, with the majority leader calling this bill ``dead.''

But what are the Republicans really saying no to? They're saying no to helping small businesses grow and hire. They're saying no to keeping teachers in the classroom. They're saying no to keeping firefighters, first responders and cops on the job. They're saying no to building our crumbling roads, bridges and schools. They're saying no to cutting taxes for hardworking American families.

The American Job Act is a bipartisan approach with ideas that have been supported by both Democrats and Republicans. We must stop this political game. The American people are suffering, and they need our help now. Let's all say yes to putting Americans back to work and pass this bipartisan agenda.

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