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Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act of 2011

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LEWIS of California. I appreciate my colleague yielding, and I'm rising only because of the comments of the gentlelady who just spoke.

Nobody in this Chamber has spent more time working on air quality than this Member. I was the author of a major bill in California that changed the scene there in terms of polluting the air. During that discussion, we said, we can control 97 percent of emissions from smokestacks in a relatively short time if we will, but the real problem's going to be Detroit. If we really want to change that, we've got to change Detroit.

The gentlelady's amendment would follow a logical line. We would indeed insist on having an amendment instead that would close down all of Detroit. The problem of mercury is a totally different question than the way this gentlelady presented it. We found problems in the air and found that there was no problem that we thought was there in the first place.

Instead of using this for politics, let's try to really solve the air quality problems and let our industry move forward and get our economy to work again.


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