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Rep. Hahn Commemorates the Tenth Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan


Location: San Pedro, CA

Congresswoman Janice Hahn released the following statement commemorating the 10th anniversary of the War in Afghanistan.

Ten years ago today, the brave men and women of our armed forces answered the call of duty in the wake of an unprecedented attack on American soil. Since then, hundreds of thousands of Americans have answered that call and tragically over 1,700 lost their lives. Today, they and their families are in my thoughts and prayers.

After ten years of struggle and sacrifice, we have successfully crippled Al Qaeda's ability to attack the United States and finally put an end to Osama bin Laden. Now, it is time to end this war as well. We are simply losing too many lives and spending too many resources abroad. We cannot afford to spend $190 million on this war each day--over $444 billion dollars since the war began. We need to focus the talents of our young men and women on rebuilding America's infrastructure and putting Americans back to work. I applaud the President for moving to bring our young people home by 2014, but I urge him to bring them home even quicker. Today, we need heroes at home as much as we've needed them in Afghanistan.

We must do more to support our men and women returning to families and the workforce after years at war. Our veterans gave everything in service to their country. It's time our country did everything to serve them.

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