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Time to End the War in Afghanistan

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. HAHN. Madam Speaker, over the weekend I visited Arlington West on the beach in Santa Monica, a beautiful memorial to the men and women in uniform who have lost their lives in the 10 years of war.

As I walked through hundreds of crosses in the sand marking the lives of thousands of young people who've given everything they had to give, on the weekend that marked the 10th anniversary of the start of the war in Afghanistan, I held these heroes and their families in my thoughts and my prayers.

I want this war to end, and I want to speed up the timetable so our President brings our troops home. We are simply losing too many lives and spending too many resources abroad. We cannot afford to spend $190 million a day on this war when we have crumbling schools and infrastructure here at home that needs fixing.

Just think what we could build with $190 million a day in this country. Think of the jobs we could create with projects rebuilding America.

And when our heroes come home, we should do everything we can to help them reenter their families and their workforce.

Let's put people to work building an American future worthy of the sacrifices of our brave young people in uniform.

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