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Statement from U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Hoeffel Regarding Labor Day

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Statement from U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Hoeffel Regarding Labor Day

PITTSBURGH , PA - Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Joe Hoeffel, campaigning at Labor Day events in southwestern Pennsylvania today including the Allegheny County Labor Council Labor Day Parade led by Teresa Heinz Kerry, issued the following Labor Day statement:

"This Labor Day there's a very stark reality facing Pennsylvania workers and their families: More people are looking for a job that won't pay as well as their last one, more families are losing their health insurance, more children are living in poverty and our seniors will soon pay more for Medicare than ever before. Pennsylvania workers have been hurt by a Republican White House and Congress that would rather protect massive tax cuts for millionaires and tax loopholes that reward companies for sending jobs overseas than provide tax relief for working families.

"John Kerry, John Edwards and I aren't satisfied with more jobs leaving our state and more families living without health insurance. We have plans to invest in the American worker and provide affordable health insurance for every American. George Bush, Dick Cheney and Arlen Specter have had their chance, but they haven't gotten the job done. That's why I'm proud to be marching with Teresa Heinz Kerry in Pittsburgh today - we both know that Pennsylvania and America can do better."

Note: Just days ago, the Bush administration announced monthly premiums for a portion of Medicare will rise $11.60 next year, to $78.20. The 17 percent increase is the largest in the program's 40-year history. That news follows recent reports from the Census Department that the rate of those living in poverty and those without health insurance has risen in Pennsylvania and across the nation. According to the data, the number of Pennsylvanians living in poverty has risen from 9.2 percent to 9.9 percent since President Bush took office. In addition, 330,000 people in Pennsylvania have lost their health insurance over the same three-year period.

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