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Hoeffel Announces Plan to Create Jobs and Economic Growth

Location: Johnstown, PA

Unveils "A Pennsylvania that Works: Joe Hoeffel's Plan to Create Jobs and Build and Economic Future" In Southwestern PA
JOHNSTOWN, PA - Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Hoeffel today unveiled a seven-point plan to generate new jobs and long-term economic growth in the Commonwealth - "A Pennsylvania that Works: Joe Hoeffel's Plan to Create Jobs and Build an Economic Future."

"For decades Pennsylvania has seen our manufacturing economy decline, entire industries virtually disappear, jobs outsourced abroad and communities across the state struggle against the tide to balance their budgets and maintain their vitality," Hoeffel said. "And as I learned in conducting some 30 economic forums across every region of the commonwealth, the human cost of Bush-Cheney economic policies - policies loyally supported by Arlen Specter - has been especially painful over the past four years."

Hoeffel pointed out Pennsylvania has lost 160,000 manufacturing jobs since 2001, and there are some 345,000 workers unemployed. In Cambria County , the unemployment rate is 7.4% with more than 4,900 unemployed, while in Johnstown alone, the unemployment rate is 8.5% and more than 2,300 manufacturing jobs have been lost over the past four years.

"The fact is we can do better in creating good jobs and new economic opportunity. But we can't do better by continuing the status quo or blindly supporting a Bush-Cheney agenda that has failed to address today's needs while also creating huge long-term fiscal problems for federal, state and local governments as Arlen Specter has done. During his 24 years in the Senate the economic problems facing our state's families and communities have only gotten bigger; but he hasn't led us toward real solutions. I will. Senator Specter doesn't have a vision or a real plan to create jobs and build an economic future. I do."

Hoeffel's plan is built on seven key initiatives to create jobs and build and economic future for Pennsylvania :

Expand Foreign Trade and Demand Fair Trade
Reward U.S. companies that create jobs here instead of those who locate off-shore or outsource jobs
Create a Legacy of Fiscal Responsibility
Promote Innovation by American Companies
Invest in People: Job Training and Workforce Development
Help Small Business Thrive
Weave together the three distinct communities - urban, suburban and rural - to strengthen the fabric of Pennsylvania

"In the U.S. Senate, I will pursue these seven goals with the sense of urgency that is currently lacking among the Republican leadership in the White House and Congress. This will yield extraordinary long-term and short-term benefits to workers and families, companies and communities in our state," Hoeffel continued.

"We cannot afford to continue federal policies that are widening today's economic divide while plunging us even deeper into debt. I believe that by using my plan as a guide for future policy decisions and by working closely with the Kerry-Edwards administration, we can build an economic future that works for Pennsylvania and for America."

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