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Huntsman: Romney's Wrong on Taxes

Press Release

Location: Manchester, NH

Jon Huntsman issued the following statement regarding Mitt Romney's comments on tax cuts:

"Through his record, his proposal, and his comments today Governor Romney has made it abundantly clear that he opposes meaningful tax reform like the kind we implemented in Utah which took us to number one in the nation in job growth. Governor Romney has increased taxes in Massachusetts, opposed the Bush tax cuts, and offered a tax proposal that the Wall Street Journal described as 'surprisingly timid.'

"Our campaign has offered bold tax reform that eliminates special interest carve-outs, subsidies, loopholes, deductions, and corporate welfare while lowering rates across the board to create a tax code that is flatter, fairer, simpler and more conducive to growth. While our economic plan has been described as 'the most pro-growth proposal ever offered by a U.S. presidential candidate,' Governor Romney only wants to nibble around the edges of a broken system."


Today, Gov. Mitt Romney Continued Criticizing Tax Cuts That Help "The Rich":

Today, Romney Criticized Fair And Flat Tax Proposals, Calling Them "A Non-Starter" And Accusing Them Of Raising "Taxes On Middle Income Families." "Romney calls Fair Tax "a non-starter' because it "raises the taxes on middle income families.' Suggests the same about a flat tax" (Peter Hamby Twitter Feed,, 10/20/11)

Romney Also Criticized Tax Plans That Help "The Rich Who Are Doing Just Fine." "For me, one of the key criteria in looking at tax policy is to make sure that we help the people that need the help the most. And in our country, the people who need the help the most are not the poor -- who have a safety net; not the rich who are doing just fine, but the middle-class." (Christian Heinze, "Romney's Tax Policy Philosophy," The Hill's "GOP 12" Blog, 10/20/11)

Previously, Romney Called A Flat Tax A "Tax Cut For Fat Cats," Refused To Support The Bush Tax Cuts, And Supported $750 Million In Higher Taxes:

In 1996, Romney Self-Financed A Full-Page Boston Globe Ad That Called Steve Forbes' Flat Tax Plan A "Tax Cut For Fat Cats." (Mitt Romney, Political Advertisement, The Boston Globe, 1/21/96)

While Governor, Romney "Refused To Take A Position On Bush's Massive, 10-Year Tax Cut Plan." "[R]omney spoke at the 10th annual legislative conference organized by U.S. Rep. Martin T. Meehan (D-Lowell) and met with the Massachusetts delegation. … Congressional sources said that a point of contention arose when Romney refused to take a position on Bush's massive, 10-year tax cut plan. Lawmakers told him that the state is unlikely to get the additional homeland security funds they and the governor are requesting because the money will go to the tax cut. But Romney would not discuss the matter, sources said." (Noelle Straub, "Romney Talks Policy With Bush Staffers, Mass. Delegation," Boston Herald, 4/11/03)

According To The Nonpartisan Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, Romney's Total Fee And Tax "Loophole" Hikes As Governor Cost Bay Staters As Much As $750 Million Each Year. "Michael J. Widmer president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, which closely tracks state finances said the state has raised roughly $740 million to $750 million per year by increasing fees and corporate taxes gained from what the Romney administration describes as "closing loopholes.'" (Brian C. Mooney, "Analyst Puts Increase In Fees, Taxes At $700m," The Boston Globe, 9/27/06)

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