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Moore Fights Against Attempts to Restrict Women's Access to Reproductive Health Care Services


Location: Milwaukee, WI

Today, Representative Gwen Moore joined her pro-choice Democratic colleagues in fighting against Republicans' attempt to limit women's access to reproductive health services.

The House of Representatives considered and passed H.R. 358 (251 to 172), legislation which includes unprecedented restrictions on abortion coverage. This bill would threaten women's ability to purchase private health insurance that includes abortion coverage, even if they use their own money. It also codifies and expands sweeping provisions that allow health care providers to refuse to provide abortion-related services.

"This bill is an ideological distraction from what should be our top priority," said Rep. Moore. "At a time when the Republican majority should be using its power to create jobs and turn this economy around, the majority is using its power to turn against women."

Rep. Moore is Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues and a longtime advocate for women's access to comprehensive health care services. To view one of Rep. Moore's floor speeches in opposition to H.R. 358, visit .

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