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The State Column: Trent Franks to President Obama: Time to Set an Ultimatium on Iran

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Arizona Rep. Trent Franks slammed the Obama administration Wednesday, calling for an ultimatum on Iran.

"If this effort had been successful, it would have constituted an act of war against the United States of America, and it should demonstrate Iran's true intentions toward America in the clearest possible terms, even to this administration," the Arizona Republican said in a statement released Wednesday.

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"It's time for this President to put aside his inexplicable denial and make it unequivocally clear to Iran and to the entire world that we will do everything necessary, including direct military intervention, to prevent this rogue nation from gaining nuclear weapons with which to threaten either the United States or our allies," Mr. Franks added.

The Arizona Republican's comments come as the Obama administration and the Justice Department announced the foiling of an alleged terror plot. Iranian officials have strongly denounced U.S. allegations of a Tehran-linked plot to kill a Saudi diplomat in the United States. Some in Iran are arguing that the case has been fabricated to provoke a military confrontation with the Islamic Republic.

A foreign ministry statement drove home the denials, condemning the U.S. claims as baseless and warning against the repetition of what it called "politically motivated allegations."

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