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Gosar Responds to New Oversight and Government Reform Committee's Fast and Furious Subpoena: Calls for Attorney General Holder's Full Cooperation


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Chairman Darrell Issa the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced the issuance of a new subpoena to Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. for Justice Department documents related to "Operation Fast and Furious."

Congressman Gosar said "These new subpoenas offer Attorney General Holder and officials at the Department of Justice the opportunity to come clean and finally do what is right and provide the Committee, the people of our nation, and the people of Mexico with answers that are long overdue. I call upon Attorney General Holder to promptly comply with these new subpoenas and release all documentation related to this unprecedented failure. Holder's explanation of the operation to date has been unacceptable and his refusal to take responsibility for the crimes associated with it reprehensible."

The Congressman went on to say, "I commend Chairman Issa for the bold and aggressive leadership he has shown in pursuing justice for the victims of prior and future crimes associated with the firearms Attorney General Holder and this administration allowed to get into the hands of violent criminals."

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