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Issue Position: Senior Citizens

Issue Position

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Property Tax Relief
Delegate Bob Marshall's laws allow Northern Virginia counties to exempt $540,000 (up from $340,000) of real estate owned by seniors with incomes up to $75,000. (HB 121, 2006, HB 1744, 2007, counties must approve)

Long Term Care Tax Credits
Delegate Bob Marshall voted for income tax credits for Long Term Care Insurance. (SB 287, 2007)

Senior Services
Delegate Bob Marshall supported expanding Long Term Care services including transportation, education, housing, self-care and independent living. (HB 2032, 2007)

No Abusive Driver Fee Taxes
Delegate Bob Marshall opposed excessive driver fees 3 times and new taxes including additional 40 cents per $100 on home sales, new 5% vehicle repair tax, and other taxes imposed by the UNELECTED NVTA. (HB 3202, 2007)

Manassas Senior Day Program
Bob Marshall helped his wife and citizens organize to keep the PWC Manassas Senior Day Program open for frail seniors.

Affirming Marriage
Delegate Bob Marshall was the Chief House Sponsor of the Virginia Marriage Constitutional Amendment (one man, one woman) approved by voters last November. Delegate Marshall also authored a law which allows judges to require seperating-divorcing perents to receive counseling on the effects of divorce/separation on children.

Protecting Children
Delegate Bob Marshall authored laws to: require parents to be notified if children are harassed in school; require public schools post the national motto, "In God We Trust;" and prohibit school athletes from using anabolic steroids.

Promoting Health: Stem Cell Therapy
Delegate Bob Marshall chairs Virginia's Stem Cell Study Committee. Bob supports ethical, effective, adult non-embryo stem cell research which the FDA has approved for clinical trials in humans, to find cures for Parkinson's, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, anemia, arthritis and more. (See Clinical

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