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Issue Position: Conservation

Issue Position

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Because I believe that the fruits of the earth are gifts given for ourselves and our posterity, it is imperative that we remain good stewards and protect our natural resources. In 2007, I received the "Legislative Hero Award" for my 100% voting record, from the League of Conservation Voters. Here is what I said when I received my Legislative Hero Award in 2007: "Conserving our natural resources (1) preserves the land and its riches for ourselves and our posterity; (2) it reminds us of our roots, "The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it." (Genesis 2:15); and (3) wasting our natural resources amounts to stealing from our neighbors and our children, and that is wrong."

Attempt to Step the clearing of Hundreds of Acres of Trees on Manassas Battlefield

In 2008 I was alerted that the Manassas National Battlefield intended to cut down one-hundred forty acres of forest to better explain the Second Battle of Manassas. I also learned that another one-hundred fifty acres is scheduled to be cut down in the near future. Although I do not have any direct jurisdiction over a federal matter such as the national battlefield, I did write to Congressmen Wolf and Davis and Senators Warner and Webb asking them to intervene to stop this destruction of a natural buffer in our environmentally challenged area due to the major pollution of so many roadways in our area.

Although I have always had a great a great love of History and intense respect for those who have died in battle, I also believe that we have responsibilities to those who are living. I do not think it is necessary to uproot so many trees in order to replicate historical accuracy.

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