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Pheasant Hunting Season


Location: Unknown

Fall is here and South Dakotans are geared up for another season of pheasant hunting.

It is a special time of year for our state -- a time when we enjoy the beauty of our fields and the
warmth of our friendships.

Hunting in South Dakota is second nature to many of us. Frankly, to some, it's become first

South Dakotans know the sport and recreation of a good hunt, and in recent years our friends from across the country and around the world have caught on. Folks come from all over to visit our fields and hunt our wily ringnecked pheasants.

This hunting season, let's remember to show our out-of-state guests what makes South Dakota such a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. We should show our guests that it is the people as well as the land and the birds that make South Dakota special.

Many people visit our state for the first time because of the great hunting, the pheasants and the thrill. But they come back to South Dakota because it is a welcoming place filled with friendly folks.

So this fall, be sure to cherish your time outdoors and your time spent with good friends and family. Continue to show our visitors the warmth that we show our neighbors.

Hunting is a vital part of our economy, bolstering our local grocery stores, restaurants and many other businesses. I have no doubt that this season will be among our most successful.

Happy hunting!

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