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Providing for Consideration of H.R. 358, Protect Life Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. It's unfortunate that we have to come to the floor of the House to discuss the personal decisions that a woman has to make. And I can assure you that the question of choice, the question of abortion, the question of what a woman does to her body is not one that a woman takes lightly. On many occasions, there is the necessity for a doctor and his female patient to make decisions to save the life or health of the mother.

Just as the federal courts have ruled unconstitutional and rejected the Texas law that requires a doctor to talk first to a woman seeking an abortion and to allow or force them both to listen to sounds that might discourage this needed action, this is going to be held unconstitutional. This is not a law that can pass. You can not tell a woman her insurance company can not provide her all the benefits of that coverage. It goes way beyond the pale.

I would ask my colleagues to vote against this rule and protect the right of a woman to choose and the dignity of all people in this Nation to make their own decisions over their lives, through consultation with her family, faith leader and doctor. I am saddened that we're here today discussing such an issue. Please vote no on this rule and for a woman's right to choose.

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