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Like you, Paul knows that our state is facing difficult times. The national economy's slump and high unemployment rates affect everyone, and St. Tammany is not immune from these difficulties. What we need most is jobs. What we need least are higher taxes and bigger government.

As State Representative, Paul Hollis will fight to repeal needless regulations that hinder economic development and will oppose any new taxes or fees that add to the state's bank account while taking away from yours. Paul believes that job-creation is the key to Louisiana's long-term future. Our people need opportunities, not big government overreach.

Paul will work with Gov. Bobby Jindal, his colleagues in the Legislature, St. Tammany Parish Government and with our local mayors to bring more money back to our community for highways, bridges, drainage, flood protection and infrastructure -- the very things that make you and your children safer on the roads and make the area desirable for businesses. For years, St. Tammany has been a "donor parish," sending more tax money to Baton Rouge than we get back in projects. Paul will continue to fight for fiscally responsible appropriations and state spending in our community for prioritized projects.

As a graduate of public high school and LSU, Paul knows the value of a strong education system. He will fight to protect funding for LSU, UNO and Southeastern Louisiana University, while also working to protect Delgado Community College and Vo-tech schools that provide job training that matches employer needs. He will strengthen the TOPS program, working not just to educate our children but to make sure there are jobs for them here in Louisiana when they graduate.

Paul will work closely with Sheriff Jack Strain, District Attorney Walter Reed and other local law enforcement leaders to ensure the state is passing laws that benefit our community. Public safety is essential to our future, and St. Tammany has one of the lowest crime rates in Louisiana. We need to keep it that way.

Federal restrictions on oil production have cost our state tens of thousands of jobs. The failure of levee protection has cost us thousands of lives. Healthcare has been both over-managed and under-funded. And our military personnel are in danger of losing both pay and benefits. Already known in Washington, DC, Paul will build even stronger relationships with Sen. David Vitter, Sen. Mary Landrieu and Congressman Steve Scalise, working with them to ensure these issues are properly addressed on Capitol Hill -- even if the best way to meet our state and local needs is for the federal government to leave things alone.

Being your representative doesn't mean staying in Baton Rouge. Paul will host regular "town hall" meetings throughout the district, keeping you informed and getting your input. And he will always be accessible to you.

Paul Hollis is pro-life, pro-family, and is a firm supporter of your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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