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Blackburn Votes for Free Trade Agreements


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Blackburn today voted in support of three vital Free Trade Agreements that will provide new export opportunities for Tennessee agriculture, industrial, and consumer products. These Free Trade Agreements with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia, will create new market access for U.S. exports, while adding several billion dollars a year to the GDP and creating hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

"Today's passage of vital Free Trade Agreements with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia allows for significant expansion of both national and state economies," Blackburn said. "Increasing market access to Tennessee's industries will help level the playing field so that small and medium-sized Tennessee businesses can compete in the international marketplace. Last year, Tennessee exported $893,116 to these three important trading partners. Today's votes will foster even greater agriculture, industrial, and consumer growth while creating environment for sustainable job growth.

"These Free Trade Agreements are perfect examples of the issues that bring Republicans and Democrats together, even when President Obama drags his feet. I'm happy to see leaders of both houses working to pass these agreements and help job creation in this country."

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