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Issue Position: Business

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Business Utility Taxes

* Senate Bill 7/House Bill 1 accelerates the rate at which the state sales and use tax on business utilities is phased out.
Manufacturers And Corporate Tax Phase-Outs

* Senate Bill 10 (House Bill 3) accelerates by one year the phase-out of the corporate franchise tax on "borrowed capital." By January 1, 2011, tax on borrowed capital will be completely eliminated.

* Senate Bill 12 (House Bill 2) accelerates the phase-out of state sales taxes on manufacturing machinery and equipment by one year, making the purchase or lease of such machinery and equipment beginning July 1, 2009 and thereafter, tax free

* House Bill 1104 changes the Dept. of Labor to the La. Workforce Commission. This bill provides for a more efficient, decentralized labor department and moves control to a local level. It provides for much needed training for our workforce to help fill the more than 100,000 open jobs in our state providing skilled employees which will benefit our economy.

It is important that we make the changes necessary to attract industry to Livingston Parish and just as important that we address issues important to existing businesses to keep the jobs that we have and to add new jobs for the citizens of Livingston Parish.

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