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Issue Position: Budget

Issue Position

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Government went off the deep end a few years ago and Louisiana was forced to make tough decisions to keep the State's Budget in line with revenues. The job is not over! We are going to have to tackle some pretty tough issues if we are going to save our State. You can see by the RED trend line that State Government has been spiraling upward for the last decade and that growth was unsustainable.

* I will vote to reduce the state government workforce to within the southern average through attrition. There is no need to replace retiring workers, but rather fill those positions within the ranks. Where logical, consolidation of some functions across departments may help reduce the need for additional workers.
* Reduce the cost of local college/university boards by consolidating higher education under the Board of Regents. This action will not only reduce frivolous expense and board member compensation, but it will create a measured, and responsible evaluation of the redundant degree programs that exist at too many universities in a state the size of Louisiana.
* I will fight the recurrence of Legislative slush funds that waste taxpayer monies on local projects that would never merit the consensus of the entire Legislature, but instead are passed in the dark of night, behind closed doors by a minority of legislative leaders. Louisiana has made strides forward…we cannot go back!
* I will advocate for the drug testing of welfare recipients and legislators to insure that all able bodied Louisianians will be treated fairly and be capable of performing the duties that are expected of all Louisiana workers. There is no reason why people who are less fortunate than those with jobs cannot be expected to abide by a code of conduct required of those who work and whose taxes pay for those benefits.

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