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Keep America's Waterfronts Working Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. PINGREE of Maine. Mr. Speaker, of Maine's 3,300 miles of coastline, less than 20 miles support commercial fishing and other traditional marine activities. But this small portion of the coastline contributes $800 million to Maine's economy and provides jobs for over 30,000 people. As the coastline continues to give way to condos, hotels, and other non-compatible uses, these jobs are disappearing.

This problem is not unique to Maine. It occurs on all our coasts and waterways around the country and throughout the Great Lakes region. Working waterfront jobs are disappearing as a result of tremendous pressures communities face from incompatible development.

That's why today I'm introducing the Keep America's Waterfronts Working Act, along with my colleagues from around the country. With a grants program devoted to preserving working waterfronts across the Nation, States will be able to help preserve jobs and communities that depend on them.

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