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Senate Should Focus On a Bipartisan Approach to Solve the Jobs Crisis


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell released the following statement Monday regarding the Senate Democrats' plan to consider a part of the stimulus and permanent tax hike bill that has bipartisan opposition:

"It is disappointing that Senate Democrats are still focused on the same temporary stimulus spending that's failed to solve our jobs crisis instead of bipartisan legislation that would lead to private-sector job growth. The two parties showed we could work together to spur job creation last week by passing free trade agreements. And in the weeks before that, Republicans and Democrats worked together to pass patent reform and other proposals the President said would spur job creation--proposals which have all been signed into law by the President. Democrats should build off these bipartisan accomplishments by turning to other proposals for spurring private sector job creation that both parties could support--rather than a permanent tax hike for a temporary stimulus. Democrats have a choice: they can try to divide the country along partisan fault lines for the sake of an election that is still 13 months away, or they can work with us on passing bipartisan legislation -- such as tax reform, domestic energy production, regulatory reform -- that gets at the root of the jobs crisis now."

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