Trade Agreements That Will Help Create Jobs Here at Home


By:  Mitch McConnell
Date: Oct. 14, 2011
Location: Unknown

This week, Senate Republicans and Democrats came together and approved three job-creating free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. These agreements, which have bipartisan support, have the potential to create tens of thousands of new jobs and boost American businesses.

Prior to the votes on these agreements, Senator McConnell said, "Passing these free trade agreements will mean more U.S. exports, and more U.S. jobs. The total value of exports just from my own state of Kentucky currently totals more than $19 billion right now. With these trade agreements, that number will only grow, increasing demand for Kentucky-made goods even more.

"What's more, the vast majority of Kentucky companies that export goods overseas -- 80 percent of them -- are small and medium-sized businesses.

"So the question is, do we want small businesses in Kentucky and other states finding new customers for their goods in these growing economies, or do we want to cede those customers to other countries who are only too happy to exploit the advantages they had before today?

"These agreements are good news for American businesses looking to expand the market for their goods, and they're good news for all the American workers who benefit when those businesses are able to compete on a level playing field with workers in other countries."

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