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Issue Position: Patrick's Goals

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

* Through the process of critical thinking, I will place a bright light on the need to right size and re-design Louisiana government. Many of our state leaders don't want to talk about this subject. But like it or not, the time has come. Louisiana must begin to take action to streamline, merge and shut down government institutions that we don't need and can't afford
* I have an ambition to vocally bring to Louisiana government the values of honesty, fairness, trust, respect and responsibility.
* Effectively advance Louisiana's educational system. State policymakers should set aside parochial politics and put the interests of Louisiana and its citizens first. If Louisiana doesn't, we are accepting the fact that we favor mediocrity over quality and we will never compete economically with the rest of the South.
* Engage dialogue with state directors to promote effective leadership development, which in turn, will create the dynamics to improve the healthcare in Louisiana. The knowledge gained in writing proficietly and knowing how to properly research will enhance my abilities to influence human values.
* Help non-profit organization, through seeking and obtaining state and national grants.

I have a desire to serve people as an elected official. I cannot directly efficiently effect change without being a part of the decision making process. A major concern I have is Louisiana's higher education system. There is no secret that Louisiana lags far behind the South and the nation on key indicators of performance. I must admit, there have been some significant improvements in recent years. Generally, the Legislature persists in budgeting in a way that does not copiously buttress success and excellence nor do we adequately fund areas with tremendous economic return. These are areas I look to gain knowledge in that I may enhance leadership effectiveness and change the organization's effectiveness.

Another goal I have that intersect my desires is reforming healthcare. Because of the immensity of these issues, there are many advantages and disadvantages that I will need to research, in that I may invoke critical thinking and provide the best solution. Healthcare in some parts of Louisiana is in total crisis. The job of driving action planning and implementation of long-term reform will be a major undertaking. The need for both short-term focus and long-term planning, working in tandem toward an identified goal is needed.

Broad leadership is built from deep character. As an individual, I seek to create an infrastructure of great character, for this is essential to support great conduct.

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