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Mack Outraged At Administration's Solution to Iran: U.N and Twitter

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Western Hemisphere Subcommittee Connie Mack (FL-14) blasted administration officials for their inadequate understanding of the threat Iran poses to U.S. interests.

Wendy Sherman, the State Department's Under Secretary for Political Affairs, offered two faulty avenues for moving forward with Iran: increased reliance on the United Nations and a broadening of social networking in Iran in order to help oppressed Iranians speak out.

Outraged at this poorly-conceived response from the Administration, Mack told Sherman that she either doesn't understand the seriousness of the Iranian threat or she is unable to articulate it--both inexcusable positions for a member of the State Department.

During the hearing, Mack stated: "So, turning over everything to the U.N. and then sitting here and saying we need more social networking as the answer leads me to believe that either you don't understand the seriousness of what's happening or you're unable to articulate to this committee what it is you really need because it may not fit in what the Administration has decided it wants to do. That's the frustration."

He continued: "I've heard nothing about what it is that you are suggesting we need, other than more social networking, and that is frightening. It's frightening to think that your position is, and the position of our government, appears so inadequate and not really understanding what the threat is."

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