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Issue Position: Oil and Gas

Issue Position

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Louisiana is a national player in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas production is a critical element in our state's economy, and I will oppose any measure that would hinder this industry's ability to thrive, grow, and prosper. This industry has served the energy needs of several generations, and will continue to do so as long as it is necessary. At the same time, I support any reasonable measures to diversify energy solutions, and encourage the United States to become free of our dependence on foreign oil.

Oil and gas companies are not the "bad guys," as they provide good jobs that improve our standard of living. These companies have taken the risks, invested the capital, and put themselves on the line so we can support our families, drive our cars, and heat our homes. I will oppose any measure that would punish this industry through oppressive taxation or excessive government intrusion.

Government interference, combined with the terribly misguided moratorium on offshore drilling, makes the situation dire.

I opposed the moratorium on offshore drilling because it severely threatened an industry that this district relies on for its survival. Thousands of jobs have been lost-up to 12,000 and counting-and our people are hurting. While the moratorium has been formally lifted, a de facto moratorium remains because permits aren't being issued quickly enough, and red tape continues to bog down the process. This will almost certainly lead to higher energy prices for everyone and further economic harm to our communities.

All obstacles to the resumption of drilling should be removed so our people can begin to recover economically. Drilling permits should be expedited so we can get Louisiana back on track. More delay is unacceptable.

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