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Health Care Petitions

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, this morning here on Capitol Hill I stood with other Members of Congress to receive more than 1.6 million signatures on petitions calling for the immediate repeal of last year's huge health care law.

We've now had 18 months to find out what's in the bill, and it only looks worse every day. We found the billions of dollars in slush funds that the Secretary of Health and Human Services controls, without any input from Congress. We found a CLASS Act, a long-term care insurance care plan that is so broken that HHS had to stop planning for its implementation. We've seen health care premiums climb faster, despite promises that the law would save every American family $2,500 per year. We've seen Federal courts reject as unconstitutional the notion that the government can force you to buy insurance.

I'd need much more than 1 minute to catalog all the ways this bill is hurting job growth and destroying health care innovation. Simply put, this is a rolling train wreck, and the American people know it. We need to listen to them and repeal this destructive and unconstitutional bill.

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