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American Jobs Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Madam Speaker, the best way to reduce the debt that this country has is to put people back to work. When they are back to work, they are paying their taxes and they are not getting unemployment. We need to get everybody in this country working, and the President proposed a bill called the American Jobs Act that does just that. It focuses on innovation, American innovation and ingenuity. It focuses on education and our community colleges and our K-12, and it focuses on rebuilding this country's infrastructure: our roads, our bridges, and our energy system.

But you know what happened over in the Senate yesterday; every single Republican voted against this. That bill has Republican ideas and Democratic ideas, but every single Republican voted against it.

We need to put the people in this country back to work. We don't need to be playing politics about the White House 13 months out from the election. That American Jobs Act needs to be passed, and it needs to be passed right now.

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