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Protect Life Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. SUTTON. Madam Speaker, the Republican majority is at it again. With no real jobs plan, we've seen this majority attempt to thrust on the American people bills that strip them of their rights instead of putting them back to work. Make no mistake: Those proposing this know this extreme bill will not pass the Senate and it will not be signed into law by the President.

This bill, at its core, is an attack on women, especially poor women. Its extreme provisions will jeopardize a woman's access to lifesaving care. It is outrageous that this Republican majority continues to focus on protecting subsidies for Big Oil, tax cuts for billionaires, and targeting women and their access to health care.

Instead of working to help create jobs and empower women to improve their lives, the Republican majority is, instead, trying to pass this bill to allow hospitals to refuse to provide critical, lifesaving care. That means women in rural areas who may only have access to one hospital could be left to die.

This isn't the time to be putting America's women at risk. This is the time to be putting them and all Americans back to work. I encourage my colleagues to vote ``no'' on this extreme bill.

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