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Issue Position: Jobs and Economy

Location: unknown

Fiscal discipline is the most powerful job creator of all. Fiscal discipline gives employers confidence in their ability to entrust that government will not require them to pay for
greater and greater spending in Trenton.

To reduce unemployment, New Jersey must become a leader in this competitive and
highly mobile economy. In order to do this, we must ensure the businesses already
providing jobs stay in our great State. We must work to convince those businesses
looking at New Jersey, as a prospective home, that this State has the resources and
support their business would need to grow.

One of the most important ways we can allow business to flourish and jobs to be
created is through less regulation. Businesses need assurance that regulations will be
less cumbersome and constrictive. Businesses cannot compete in an economic climate
where unstable policies continue to overshadow any chance of predictability. Without
predictability and an atmosphere more conducive to economic development, businesses will not be able to make the critical capital investments necessary for the construction of new facilities and jobs.

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