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Rep. Brian Bilbray Calls California Dream Act a Nightmare for California Taxpayers


Location: Solana Beach, CA

Congressman Brian Bilbray, Chairman of the bi-partisan House Immigration Reform Caucus, released the following statement today in response to Governor Jerry Brown signing California's AB 131 into law which will allow state college aid for illegal immigrant students:

"The Dream Act, whether it is adopted federally or in California, is a nightmare for lawful U.S. citizens seeking higher education. California's AB 130 and 131 put American citizens and legal immigrants in direct competition with illegal immigrants for already limited financial aid opportunities, further encourage illegal immigration, and reward illegal behavior with tax-dollars. Allowing those who have broken our immigration laws to access publicly funded financial aid, such as Cal Grants, impacts the funding available for lawful students. Seats in the classroom and tuition aid are the two most important opportunities students posses and are two priorities we must reserve for those who are lawfully here." -- Rep. Brian Bilbray (CA-50), Chairman House Immigration Reform Caucus

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