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Issue Position: Ethics Reform

Issue Position

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Pointing to the government scandals that appear all too regularly in the news headlines, Assemblywoman McHose says ethics reform must be a priority. McHose has been playing a leading role in exposing ethics violations throughout state government. Alison took a fellow legislator to task for taking a lavish trip at taxpayers expense. The legislator, who also doubles as a superintendent in a large New Jersey school district, took an all expense taxpayer-paid trip to London which included a stay in luxury hotels, eating in exclusive restaurants and riding in limousines. After being exposed, the legislator was forced to reinstate the state for his personal expenses.

Assemblywoman McHose also has been very vocal in criticizing the misappropriation of funds at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities as part of a clean energy program. The recent state audit of the program was released only after strong pressure from legislators, including McHose. Among the problems revealed in the audit were fraudulent bank accounting, contracts being awarded with no competitive bidding, and overpaid for their work. The United States Attorney's Office is also now involved in the case. Perhaps the most glaring example of unethical conduct was demonstrated by then- Attorney General Zulima as Farber who used her influence to free. her boyfriend from any infraction during a traffic stop.

Assemblywoman McHose was one of the first officials to call for the Attorney General's resignation saying, "When the top law enforcement officer in the state abuses her authority and disrespects the law, it's time to resign." Due to the mounting pressure, Farber resigned her position.

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